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The name iTheseus is based on the greek name Theseus (/ˈθiːsiːəs/; Ancient Greek: Θησεύς [tʰɛːsěu̯s]) was the mythica] king of Athens and was the son of Aethra by two fathers: Aegeus and Poseidon.


The acronym remembers the ancient Greek legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, the monster who lived in the labyrinth of Cnosso (Crete) and pretended annual human sacrifices. Theseus entered the labyrinth, defeated the Minotaur and finally safely walked out from the labyrinth thanks to the help of Arianne and her ball of string.


The Minotaur represents todays IT challenges, Technology Debt, reduced budgets, increasing audit and compliancy regulations.. The ball of string Arianne provides Theseus to find its way out from the labyrinth consists of the different services, solutions and technologies. To defeat the Minotaur, Theseus has to implement these solutions, technologies and services into an adequate defence strategy.

iTheseus helps you move in a dynamic IT labyrinth due to changes of faster changing economics, compliancy, technology and customer requirements.

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